Bird Flu
        and You

                                                   Accelerating Bird Species Populations After Bird Flu

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Accelerating Bird Species Populations After Bird Flu

Lance Winslow

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Many human populations are very worried about a human strain of Bird Flu emerging and killing millions of people and indeed this is a significant fear. However in the over all scheme of things even if we lost 100 or 200 million humans that would not significantly impact the species as there are now over 6.6 Billion of them on the Planet.

Sure that may not be very Politically Correct to say yet it is fact. Now then, what about other species; as some endangered species could be wiped out. Take the large African Cats who might eat the sick birds who are unable to escape due to their catching the bird flu?

This could upset the food chain in many regions, but if you consider the migratory bird species it could be a complete disaster for them. We will need to assist these other species in rebuilding if this does occur you see? But how can we assist the birds after the bird flu has come and gone? They will need to strengthen their numbers to survive and since they are very much part of our eco-system and each species exists in the niche of their own food chain we will need to be thinking here of course.

Some things we can do include spiking their food with amino acids and potential vitamins or building more sanctuaries with fewer predators to increase their breeding and numbers. We need to be thinking about this in advance of the situation and potential eventuality you see?

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