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When I first read this article, I found myself nodding my head frequently in agreement. Hours and hours wasted online searching for useful information about this topic had led me to find this one - and it was great.

Avian Bird Flu

Danielle Rouse

Interesting, isn't it? In the rest of this article, you'll discover even more insider stuff about the topic - and it is simple and easy to follow. Have you been reading or watching the news lately regarding the Avian Bird Flu Pandemic. Well don't panic, because there is no pandemic yet. There have been many reports circulated online, on television, in newspapers, etc. warning of a possible bird flu pandemic. These avian bird flu reports have been scaring the "ba-jesus" out of people world wide. The fact is this.

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There have only been approx. 60-70 reported deaths in the world from the H5N1 virus. Many of these deaths were people that had DIRECT contact with sick birds. (some of thes bird owners were sucking the blood from their sick birds in order to clean out their chest cavities - for cock fighting purposes) There is no sign that the avian bird flu can flourish in humans just from touching and breathing contact.

If you watch CNN, they will try and frighten you as mush as possible because they know that FEAR SELLS and they can crank up their viewership reporting about a mass pandemic poised for world destruction.

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