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                                                   Avian Flu Hype - It's Strictly For The Birds

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Avian Flu Hype - It's Strictly For The Birds

John Alquist

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If you listen to mass media reports, you hear a lot about the coming bird flu pandemic which supposedly will bring havoc and possible fatalities worldwide. You hear we must protect ourselves from this upcoming disaster with vaccinations.

Is all this Bird Flu hysteria --a Hoax or the Real Deal? Its for the birds, and this is why.

Various health practitioners, including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an osteopathic doctor from Cleveland, Ohio, disagree with the hysteria.

Her websites show that she is an incredible investigator of health issues. She has published several CDs, DVDs and books to educate us about vaccinations, about medical breakthroughs, and about medical controversies.

She explains that the Avian virus scientists are concerned about is H5N1, and migratory birds are supposedly responsible for its being carried to various countries.

Reports claim this virus has killed 100 people worldwide, reportedly from inflammation on lung tissue. They assert that there could possibly be human-to-human transmission of this virus (which has not happened with this type virus) and, therefore, an influenza pandemic may result.

Actual migratory patterns of bird species are not known, and the reported outbreaks have not coincided with migratory birds arriving in specific locations.

Dr. Tenpenny believes this bird flu scare tactic will essentially benefit three groups:

1) Pharmaceutical companies because theyll profit from billions of dollars worth of vaccines and drugs.

2) Global poultry producers that will survive the mass killings of their huge population of factory-farmed, genetically-modified birds. The small farmers will be forced out of business and the Big Guys will rule the worldwide poultry market.

3) Politicians will use this hysteria as an opportunity to regulate entire businesses, implement mass vaccination programs and put into operation a police state as a consequence of the pandemic, further eroding the U.S. Constitution.

During Dr. Tenpennys investigative research on vaccinations from our government, she found that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) wrote a plan in 2004 to increase flu shot sales.

This Plan was called Seven Step Recipe for Generating Interest In and Demand For Flu Vaccinations. This Seven-Step Plan recommended using TV and the printed page to convince people that the flu is deadly and the only way to survive was to get a flu shot!

I was in a local supermarket in 2004 where a crowd of angry senior citizens had just been told the flu vaccine supply had just run out, and they were ready to start rioting.

They had been indoctrinated by TV commercials telling them, they just had to get these shots or they possibly wouldnt survive that flu season! (Balderdash!)

You dont think our government uses TV and radio and magazines to manipulate our minds? Think again, American citizen.

But the plan didnt work as well in 2005, and people werent standing in line to get their vaccine shots. So the CDC decided to hype the threat of bird flu to get the public riled up to take shots and to make our government set aside more money to prepare for a pandemic.

Unbelievable, isnt it? But true. An expert, Peter Sandman, wrote Ten Step Plan for our governments pandemic preparedness activities and its plan to deal with the emergency when it arrives. This is to create public fear and communicate the international risk of the bird flu. Scary, isnt it!

Better still, Dr. Tenpennys description of this 10-Step Plan is that it will arouse the American public to accept vaccines to protect themselves from the coming pandemic. Some examples follow:

The Second Step is of the 10 Step Plan is dont be afraid to frighten people. Get them all stirred up. Scare them."

The Fifth Step is give the people something to do. Fear is not enough. They have to physically do something after being emotionally aroused to the danger. They must get the vaccination!

Heres our 4-Fold Health Plan for Individuals:

1) Fortify your Mind. Dont allow yourself to be a victim of propaganda. Dont fear and dont panic.

2) Fortify your Body against any virus. Dr. Joseph Mercola encourages you to get all the sleep your body needs to be healthful, realizing that deep sleep refuels your immune system.

He says a healthful diet and lifestyle will give you stamina and protection against outside germs. Exercising gives energy and reinforces the immune system.

Washing your hands regularly fights off germs. He also says eat plenty of garlic to build up resistance to problematic issues. Use natural supplements. Focus on good health!

3) Fortify your Information. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Research. Investigate issues. Dont accept everything you hear on TV or the radio or what you read in magazines to be TRUTH.

Too often it is our own governments propaganda to deceive us into doing what they want us to do. Find out who will benefit from the issues. When in doubt about what's going on, always follow the money trail.

4) Fortify your Faith. The Scriptures warn us not to be deceived, especially in these ends times days. Even if you arent a Bible-reading person, you can see that this era is characterized by massive, brassy deception.

Bird flu hype is strictly for the birds. You can't base a case for something based on continuous use of the word "supposedly" and by treating theories as facts.

John J. Alquist own and operates Alquist Enterprises. He is a professional speaker, author, and business consultant. You can contact him at or visit him online at

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