Bird Flu
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                                                   Bird Flu Flies into Canada

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Bird Flu Flies into Canada

Lance Winslow

Sidenote: Hope you're finding this useful? I have always been curious about this matter. And when I found very little quality information about it, I decided to share a part of what I've learned about it - which is why this article came to be written. Read on.

Well the deadly Bird Flu strain H5N1 has been found now in wild birds in Canada and it may fly to a city near you very soon. There are two subtypes of Bird Flu viruses, which devastate poultry livestock; Chickens and your Thanks Giving Turkeys and they are the H5s and H7s. The one which people have gotten and is the one, which they are quite concerned it could mutate is the H5N1 virus. This is the one they are worried about, because if it finds a way to change and rapidly spread in human populations then some estimate 150 million people on Planet Earth could die. Of course as the over all population is concerned this is only a fraction of the now 6 billion human beings on the surface of the Planet, meaning the human race will live on.

The birds infected with the H5 subtype may have the H5N1 and that could be a disaster for the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba as well as all the nearby US states, which border them. A variant of the H5N1 could trigger the Bird Flu pandemic, which would be very difficult to stop or control. Many families have in fact been buying fewer chickens in the United States due to all the mass media hype over the impending pandemic, even Tyson Foods is worried, as are poultry growers. Stock in chicken food type companies is down across the industry. Could Bird Flu fly into a neighbor hood near you?

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