Bird Flu
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                                                   Bird Flu Human Death Predictions and Trends for 2006

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Bird Flu Human Death Predictions and Trends for 2006

Lance Winslow

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In 2005 the world populations were warned of the potential pandemic coming from Bird Flu. Indeed in many parts of the world people live in the same rooms with their animals and aid in the transfer of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus. This is the strand that people can contract from handling birds with the disease. Flu viruses are notorious for modifying themselves and developing new strands. Those who live with their animals such as chickens and hogs may not realize that if pigs get the disease and it effects their lungs it could easily modify itself and the human genetic code is very similar to pigs, which is obvious if you stand back and look at the human race as a whole.

Once such a virus affects pigs it will very easily transfer to humans and could move as fast or faster than influenza does each year. Meaning it could run thru entire continents and large cities in days or weeks, even spread to all continents within a month or less simply because of the jet aircraft travel of our present period. Should we be worried about this happening? Indeed on a scale of one to ten for 2006 about a four; in 2007 about a five; in 2007 about a six, that is if this does not happen sooner.

The World Bank and the World Health Organization has said a pandemic of this size could kill up to 150 million people. The CDC is closely watching every breakout of H5N1 and closely monitoring each strain to see if it is slightly different or changing. The watchful eyes of the medical industry will monitoring this situation closely throughout 2006, while progressive nations stockpile vaccines, just in case. Think on this.

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