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                                                   Bird Flu Pandemic Potential Major Problems

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Bird Flu Pandemic Potential Major Problems

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Sidenote: Hope you're finding this useful? I have always been curious about this matter. And when I found very little quality information about it, I decided to share a part of what I've learned about it - which is why this article came to be written. Read on. As the bird flu continues to spread to other countries around the world, more officials are starting to take notice and plan for a potential pandemic. Even though state and local governments have pandemic contingency plans in place and some have started practice drills, a number of problems are already cropping up.

Monitoring new cases of bird flu in 3rd world countries. Many don't have the staff or money for properly identifying new cases and containing them. Educating local people about bird flu difficult. Poor healthcare systems. They are not able to care for people already suffering from poverty, disease and HIV. A pandemic would be catastrophic in these countries.

Anti-virals. A new antiviral cannot be made until the virus that passes from person to person is identified. Production and distribution would take 6 months or more from the start of the pandemic. Current antiviral Tamiflu could be ineffective against any new strain of influenza virus.

First responders and healthcare workers would be overwhelmed. May not have enough protection from influenza virus if a new vaccine is not developed.

Hospitals would be overwhelmed. No isolation space for influenza patients, just in time inventory of masks, syringes, IV bags, staff shortages, hospital beds filled to capacity now.

Funeral homes would be overwhelmed. Not enough caskets in stock. Not enough staff for handling bodies and burial. No capacity for large number of fatalities. People dying at home would need to be picked up by workers in biohazard suits.

Local officials saying people should have enough food on hand for a "few days" when a pandemic could keep people housebound for weeks or months at a time.

Communication between local, state and federal officials. Deciding the timing on crucial decisions as to closing of schools, limiting travel, eliminating public events and quarantines. Deciding how and when public vaccinations would take place.

A bird flu pandemic could develop faster then expected catching those unprepared off guard. It is vital that local, state and federal governments along with the business community continue to plan for what could be a catastrophic event if not contained.

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