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                                                   Bird Flu Prevention the Natural Healthy Way

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Bird Flu Prevention the Natural Healthy Way

Andrew Cavanagh

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Why are world health authorities so alarmed about about the potential spread of bird flu from Asia?

Currently avian influenza is only known to spread to humans from contact between the faeces or respiratory secretions of infected birds. The bird flu virus does not pass from human to human.

But influenza viruses survive by mutating constantly and if the bird flu virus mutates to an airborne human to human virus the consequences could be catastrophic...

In a BBC Interview UN health official David Nabaro warned the bird flu virus could mutate at any time and as a human to human virus would be likely to kill from 5 to 150 million people.

Vaccine supplies are likely to be inadequate even if an effective vaccine could be produced quickly enough for a rapidly mutating strain of avian influenza.

So what can we do to reduce our chances of catching a killer virus like the bird flu?

Fortunately the safest, most effective bird flu prevention is natural, healthy and almost ridiculously simple...

Viruses Like The Bird Flu Hitchhike!

If you travel to any international airport you'll notice the tighter security designed to reduce our risk from terrorists when we fly.

But one of the greatest threats to our health doesn't fly it hitchhikes.

Many people think viruses like the common cold and influenza fly through the air then into your body through your mouth or nose. But most viruses don't fly into your body they hitchhike.

When you have a flu and you sneeze, all those droplets containing the influenza virus travel through the air and land often on items people touch frequently like doorknobs, desks or telephones

With a virus on your hands all you need to do is touch, scratch or rub your eyes or nose and the virus can enter your body. In fact, over ninety percent of respiratory viruses get into your body when you touch your eyes and nose with your fingernails...

Cleaning your hands could be the key to avoiding the common cold and influenzas like the bird flu.

If you suffer from colds and flus on a regular basis remember this saying Where there's soap there's hope.

Thoroughly wash and dry your hands every time you go to the toilet and any time you have hand to hand contact with people or contact with birds. Natural soap, alcohol rubs or the specially designed cleanzology soap are probably the best choices for hand washing.

And remember grandma's advice:

Don't touch your face with your hands.

The next time you go to rub your eyes or engage in an unmentionable activity with your nostrils remember viruses don't fly into your body they hitchhike.

Andrew Cavanagh is a professional health writer and a member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association. You can download the full FREE report Bird Flu Prevention The Natural Healthy Way at

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