Bird Flu
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                                                   Bird Flu Scare on People's Nerves

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Bird Flu Scare on People's Nerves

Lance Winslow

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The latest scare is now bird flu and it seems to be getting on everyones nerves. Some news stories have the number of deaths possible now up to 150 million around the Globe? Some say it could be more. Some also said Y2K was going to kill us all. Are you scared yet? Maybe you should be paying attention, but also take all information you hear with a grain of salt.

The media is getting to some in our population, as today I was inline at a coffee shop which for some reason had its air conditioners going full blast and it was actually quite cold in there. A gal at the blender was making one of those Middle Class loves ice cream type drinks, flavor of the month. The gal turned sideways and sneezed. The next in line went into a tirade and asked her if she was going to serve that drink. Really she had turned away. She said is this yours and he said no, so she continued. He told the girl that she should not have come to work if she had the flu. She said she was not sick, just sneezed fro some reason. He said how do we know that?

This went on and ended having the gift card promotion thing thrown at her and she swiped it and tossed it back. The customer obviously had simply watched too much TV Chicken Bird Flu Virus scare segments. And although he did have a point, this is how it would spread. Sometimes we need to be thinking, is your local coffee shop off limits once the Bird Flu Pandemic starts? Could be and no you cannot go to the drive thru to avoid it either. Online coffee sales may increase and same stores sales figures would go to hell in a hand basket indeed. Think on this.

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