Bird Flu
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                                                   Bird Flu Supplier Readiness Questionnaire Letter

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Bird Flu Supplier Readiness Questionnaire Letter

Lance Winslow

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Does your company have a plan to insure that you will have the supplies you need to maintain business operations in the case of a Bird Flu Pandemic? What if your vendors and suppliers are unable to perform of fail to deliver the needed supplies? The best time to find out is before such an event. When did Noah build the Arch? Before the Great Flood remember?

There fore you need to send out a letter asking your suppliers and vendors who they are going to continue to deliver you supplies during mandatory Bird Flu Pandemic disruptions. Here is a sample letter you may wish to use:

Subject: Bird Flu Pandemic Supplier Readiness

Over the next few months, our company name will be evaluating the readiness of our suppliers to handle our companies needs during a potential Bird Flu Pandemic. It is critically important to us to assure that you are ready so we can avoid any resulting disruptions to our business and our customers.

You are an important supplier to our company and we are asking for your cooperation in this matter. Our goal is to identify and resolve any problem areas arising from a Bird Flu Pandemic issue that will impact our business with you. Your willingness to share this information and to discuss mutual action plans that may result is vital to our ongoing business relationship.

We will be scheduling a meeting with you to discuss your company's plans and status for handling a potential Bird Flu Pandemic issue. In advance of that meeting, we would like you to answer attached Bird Flu Pandemic Supplier Readiness Questionnaire, designed to provide us with a view of your Bird Flu Pandemic readiness. This initial survey should not require extensive time to complete. Please return the completed questionnaire to (your name here) by (date).

I look forward to hearing from you.

-- - -- - -- - -- - --

This should help you evaluate if your suppliers can continue to serve your business needs or if they will cause you to shut down your business in the potential eventuality of a Bird Flu Pandemic. I hope you humans will consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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