Bird Flu
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                                                   Bird Flu: The World Beware

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Bird Flu: The World Beware

Dane J Stanton

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Avian influenza virus or which is more commonly known as bird flu is a virus that stems from an infection from wild birds. These particular birds generally carry the virus but are somehow immune to the effects of it. Domesticated birds like ducks, chickens and turkeys however are not and herein lies the problem for humans.

The bird flu virus is passed on from chicken to chicken through their saliva and feces. This can happen when flocks of chicken or other domestic birds interact with the local native birds like wild ducks, turkeys etc. This can have a catastrophic effect on a flock of poultry and many farmers have had to terminate whole flocks resulting in huge losses for them overall.

So how does the bird flu virus get passed onto humans? Well usually the avian influenza virus is found chiefly in birds, however infections can also be found in humans. The risk however is very low for most people because the virus does not generally effect humans. However many cases have surfaced around the globe of people becoming infected by poultry such as in recent times.

Another concern is that the human strain of influenza originated from bird flu, therefore some scientists believe that there is a chance that one day the bird flu virus could transform into a strand that may be deadly to us humans. This could then cause a major outbreak around the world. After a recent breakout in Asia, people are becoming more and more wary about the fact that there is a possibility of a breakout occurring in their local area. This is unlikely to occur but it is important to remember that such events do happen and one of the best things to do now is to learn everything there is to know about bird flu and other strain of influenza

Many people believe this may happen sooner rather than later and are now getting ready for this to occur. There are many products being sold today to help protect people from becoming infected if an outbreak occurs. One way to reduce the likelihood of picking up a strain of influenza like bird flu would be to increase your body's immune system so that it becomes stronger and is able to fight off infection easier. This is a surefire way to keep you and your family safe from not only bird flu, but many other unwanted viruses.

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