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                                                   Bird Flu Virus Vaccine Shipping Stopped

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Bird Flu Virus Vaccine Shipping Stopped

Lance Winslow

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They have stopped shipping vaccines for Bird Flu to the United States so they can concentrate on making regular flu vaccines for the up coming flu season. Roche indicated that it had no choice but to stop shipments because regular influenza flu vaccines are in short supply and the flu season is almost here. There are a couple of options available and one is to buy a generic version of the Tamiflu vaccine from a Vietnam company, which would make it under a licensing agreement although it is still not known if they can make enough fast enough if we have a human to human strain break out. If we get an H5N1 variant of the Bird Flu virus it could spread very fast and kill millions in the US if we did not move fast enough.

Meanwhile the government has shut down a fake Internet Site selling sugar water flu vaccine to online Internet buyers. Scientists in many countries right now are working on several prototype vaccines to the virus right now. Many countries are calling for a massive killing of birds. China has said through their Prime Ministers office that there will continue to be a massive culling of domestic poultry and infected migratory birds along with extremely strict quarantines in order to stop the H5N1 bird flu strain.

There have been outbreaks of the N5N1 virus in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Siberia, Romania, Turkey and a dozen other countries. So this is serious and it is a real threat, but as of yet it does not appear that the N5H1 virus is easily transferred from human to human, but all that could change in the future and there are many who are quite worried indeed. Think on this.

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