Bird Flu
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                                                   Bird Flu in Space

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Bird Flu in Space

Lance Winslow

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Where will you hide from the Bird Flu Pandemic? You could be one of the elite few who leaves the Earth for a Lunar or Mars Space Colony or an orbiting space station. But there is something you should know first if you are considering leaving the Planet to escape the estimated 150 million human deaths.

The human immune system in weightlessness might suppress your ability to fight off the Bird Flu or any Flu for that matter. You see the immune system has been found by researchers to be a huge problem in zero-gravity; in fact the less gravity the bigger the problem. The Moon and Mars both have much less gravity than earth does, so you better make sure you do not take up anything in your system or you are not a carrier for any problematic diseases, viruses, pathogens or colds.

In fact there are some things, which grow faster in space and in zero gravity, so the combination could be catastrophic in an orbiting space station. In a Lunar Colony also a huge problem and on Mars with more gravity, it is also a huge problem.

Soon re-useable space vehicles which deliver people and supplies to space colonies and space stations will have a sign on them warning; No Chickens Allowed. A scary thought indeed, but one which will now have to be considered, no birds in space. Think on this.

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