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Can My Dog Get Flu?

Jon Dunkerley

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Jon Dunkerley
In todays society with flu pandemics and such grabbing so much of the spotlight, it is easy for us to overlook the fact that our dogs can also contract a version of flu. Yes it is true, there is a flu virus becoming prominent in the canine world that is believed to have originated as an equine strain. This equine strain has started to appear in dogs in the United States opening up a huge can of worms that we as dog owners now have to deal with. As if there was not already enough dangerous factors that we must be aware of, now there is another potentially serious relatively unknown one to consider.

The Canine Influenza virus presents similar to the human version of the flu:
- Nasal discharge
- Eye discharge
- Fever
- Coughing
- Sneezing
- Vomiting
- Labored breathing
Prophylaxis (Prevention)
- Keep your dog away from large dog populated areas.
- Avoid grooming shops, kennels, boarding kennels, etc.
- Keep your dog away from stray dogs
- Consult your vet for further prevention options
The trouble with the Canine Influenza virus, is that infected dogs can appear healthy. This is why it is crucial to keep your dog away from stray dogs, or dogs that you do not thoroughly know to be clear of the virus, (indoor pets)

If you do feel that your dog has developed Canine Influenza, consult your vet immediately for best treatment options. Due to the relatively new appearance of the condition, treatment is limited to IV fluids, and Broad Spectrum antibiotics.

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