Bird Flu
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                                                   Chicken to Buy Chicken? Bird Flu

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Chicken to Buy Chicken? Bird Flu

Lance Winslow

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The Bird Flu global pandemic is said to have been envisioned by Nostradamos; it is said to be primed to kill 150,000,000 people worldwide and potentially be the worst killer of mankind in the history of the human endeavor. We have now all heard about the Bird flu on every news station and in every news medium. The World Health Organization, World Bank, United Nations have all issued dire warnings.

Bird Flu outbreaks in Southeast China and Vietnam have been worse so far, but now there have been cases in some fifteen countries. All this care is causing many people in many countries to stop buying chicken. Sales in Italy are down some 30%. Many companies in the United States like Tyson Foods have seen issues as well. Those heavily involved in poultry sales tell of stock valuation decreases and chicken consumption and Bird Flu scares are in fact hurting sales.

Are you Chicken to buy Chicken? Some in the United States who have been interviewed think you can get bird flu from eating chicken, that simply is not so, it is not going to happen, but still people are altering their habits in eating chicken. We have an education problem in the world, not necessarily so bad in the more educated United States population, but over all we have a tremendous problem. Think on this.

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