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                                                   Companies Offering Bird Flu Remedies Can't Substantiate Their Claims

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Companies Offering Bird Flu Remedies Can't Substantiate Their Claims

Jessica Deets

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As fears of bird flu increase... so does the claims by companies trying to cash in on it. Some of the strongly worded claims made by the companies about their treatments include phrases like "prevents avian flu," "a natural virus shield" and "kills the virus."

Since the H5N1 bird flu hasn't mutated to a human-to-human version, there's no real way to know what we're fighting against.

The best thing to do in preparation is to boost your immune system. Go to your local health food store and they can tell you what to take for boosting immune. Also find a local myropractor if you have one nearby, or someone that has undergone the Total Body Modification educational program and they can do many things for you to boost immune.

What the Food and Drug Administration did was to warn nine companies to stop selling purported remedies for bird flu because they have not been approved by the agency. Because of the claims, the FDA looks at their products, most of which are marketed as dietary supplements, to be new drugs that do require approval before they can be sold to the public. The FDA statement is "the FDA is not aware of any scientific evidence that demonstrates the safety or effectiveness of these products for treating or preventing avian flu, and the agency is concerned that the use of these products could harm consumers or interfere with conventional treatments."

The FDA sent warning letters to the nine companies saying they are presenting misleading and unproven claims. The companies were given 15 days to respond.

So don't get taken in by these claims. Save your money. The time-tested method is to build up your immune to as strong as it can be and then be optimistically hopeful that everything will be ok.

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