Bird Flu
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                                                   Don't Count On A Bird Flu Vaccine, Count On A Nanomask

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Don't Count On A Bird Flu Vaccine, Count On A Nanomask

John Hart

If you liked what you've read so far, you'll love the rest. Now you too can access the resources created by top experts. You've no doubt seen the news reports about Bird Flu, a deadly airborne virus. And you no doubt feel at risk and vulnerable.

A Bird Flu vaccine is months and months away from production, and production will be a problem since health officials believe it will take at least 1 year to make enough for all citizens. Even then, it may not be effective, since it was based on an earlier seed of the virus. Bird Flu, or H5N1, mutates rapidly. Today, Bird Flu is something entirely different than when it was first discovered.

But there is one, off-the-shelf, device that will protect you and your family against Bird Flu, SARS, and ordinary flu, right now. It's called NanoMask, manufactured by a company that originally was tasked to make a better biomask for our military troops.

Why is a filter mask the best tool you can have against Bird Flu? Because of its new nano-technology. A NanoMask isn't just an ordinary N95 mask like you see in hospitals or on construction sites.

N95 masks are not effective against any particulate, virus, or bacteria smaller than .3 microns, and thus a waste of money if you buy an N95 mask for the purpose of blocking H5N1 or any influenza virus. Even hospitals realize this and are now ordering NanoMasks.

Examine the table below showing virus sizes, so you can judge for yourself how effective the NanoMask is. The abbreviation nm means nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter. N95 can only filter out material greater in size than .3 microns, which equal to 300 nanometers.

Every virus you see in the table below is smaller than 300 nanometers, therefore, N95's are useless against these viruses.

Virus (Description) | Size

Bacteriophage (MS) | 220nm
Hepatitis | 24nm - 30nm
Adenovirus | 70nm HIV
(AIDS) | 80nm
Cytomegalovirus | 100nm
Orthomyxovirus | 120nm
Coronavirus (SARS) | 80nm - 160nm

According to Nelson Laboratories of Salt Lake City, an independent testing lab of such filters, Bacteriophage MS-2 is the recognized standard testing organism for many filters. Being one of the smallest used viruses at 20nm, it is able to give a higher challenge to the filter media.

NanoMask has been tested down to 27 nanometers or .027 microns. Good enough to stop H5N1, SARS, and other viruses listed in the Virus Size Table above, as well as ordinary influenza.

The unique design and enhanced facial seal allows the NanoMask to overcome the most critical failing of typical N95 masks: an inability to effectively seal against the face and filter inhaled and exhaled breath that will typically follow the path of least resistance - around the sides of the mask.

The president of Emergency Filtration, Doug Beplate, told this author that the primary reason NanoMasks are so successful in stopping viruses is their unique nanoparticle coating on each filter. Beplate said, "The nanoparticle coating joins with chlorine particles to achieve an arrest and eradication of undesirable agents." In other words, biohazardous particulates like H5N1 are not only blocked, but destroyed, thanks to the nanoparticle coating.

A traditional filter without the nanoparticle coating, like N95, would turn into a breeding ground for a virus or bacterial agent. Thus we caution you against using any N95 mask in a pandemic or epidemic, or even to stop ordinary colds.

We cannot stress enough the importance of ordering NanoMask right now, before H5N1 or any other pandemic strikes. It's saving lives in Asia right now. More than 2 million Asians are wearing NanoMasks.

Of all the methods available to protect your family, such as antivirals, vaccines, herbs, etc., a NanoMask is the least costly in terms of time and money, and probably the most effective. Don't get caught off guard by a U.S. transportation strike or postal strike, or a thin supply. And don't count on a vaccine, or Tamiflu. Count on NanoMask, it's available right now.

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