Bird Flu
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                                                   Eliminating Toll Ways Now Before Bird Flu

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Eliminating Toll Ways Now Before Bird Flu

Lance Winslow

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In the United States of America we have way too many toll-ways and it is a very inefficient system. It makes sense to charge user fees for the use of infrastructure, however if you consider a tollway, where everything comes through in concluding everything you buy in the store then everyone is benefiting from the tollway and therefore he should be paid for out of general funds. But that is only one of them many reasons why tollways should be eliminated in the United States.

Another very serious issue with tollways the people are not addressing is that it is very unsafe to have people in toll booths exposed to all the people driving down the road who may be sick. And it is unfair for all those people driving down the road for a toll booth operator who has contracted a disease or virus, which can be easily transferred to give it or expose it to all those who passed bye. If we are very serious about bird flu then we cannot have toll booth operators anymore.

It is amazing that everyone gets up in tizzy fit over the soon to be coming bird flu and yet no one has done a single thing to help prevent its rapid spreading. If we are truly serious about these issues then we need to address all of the issues and not overlook them just because of linear thinking bureaucrats who were worried about their current fiscal year's budget. Please consider this in 2006.

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