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                                                   H5N1 Bird Flu - A New Threat or Just a New Attack on Common Sense

I have always loved talking about this subject. This has led me to do exhaustive research and sort through tons of information in order to get a better picture on the subject. And now I am sharing the fruits of that hard work with all of you through this article.

H5N1 Bird Flu - A New Threat or Just a New Attack on Common Sense

Brian Adamson

Interesting, isn't it? In the rest of this article, you'll discover even more insider stuff about the topic - and it is simple and easy to follow.

What do you know about bird flu?

NO - what do you really KNOW about bird flu, as opposed to what you have been told by the media? Probably not a lot.

Much has been made of the potential for the H5N1 avian flu virus to disrupt not just localities but even whole regions, countries and civilization as we know it. Unfortunately, much of what is believed by the public is a far cry from the truth, which we present here for the first time.

Misunderstanding #1. Bird flu is a new, foreign disease.

The truth: H5N1 Bird flu has been around for nearly 50 years, and was first isolated not in China, Korea or Thailand, but in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1959. Since then, not one Scots child has died from bird flu, despite panic-inducing headlines that hundreds of thousands could now be at risk.

Amazingly, this has been totally ignored by the media, whose colorful maps showing geographical spread of the disease all point to the far east as the initial source of the problem. Showing complete lack of any investigational skill or desire to discover the truth, we still see these every day.

Misunderstanding #2. Bird flu has killed millions of birds.

Actually, no it hasn't. Of course there have been a few deaths from the disease, however the vast majority of the millions of birds that have died since this outbreak began have been killed DELIBERATELY. Like the horror scenes we saw as a result of barbaric approaches to the benign foot and mouth disease outbreaks in the UK or the previous threat BSE (mad cow disease), the animals we have seen butchered and burned were not killed because the HAD the disease, only because they were considered to be AT RISK of getting it - an entirely different thing.

Of course, that little fact is ignored in the scare-mongering that is currently sweeping the globe, where facts seem to matter little!

Misunderstanding #3. But millions could die - people are already dying.

Once again, this is far-fetched and sheer speculation. So far (according to the WHO) there have been fewer than 200 cases WORLDWIDE from bird flu and a little over 100 deaths. Normal flu kills many times more than that EVERY DAY. Granted, there seems to be a high death rate amongst those diagnosed with the disease, but let's not forget that we are talking about poorly nourished susbistence farmers and farm workers who work in appalling conditions.

Many of the farms involved are of the intensive variety, producing millions of birds at a time in conditions that can only be described as barbaric and filthy. Is it any wonder both the birds and the workers get sick.

Misunderstanding #4. Bird flu is readily passed to humans.

This is perhaps the easiest point to answer. What is quite clear from the above figures is exactly the opposite! Despite working ankle-deep in bird-sh*t every day, thousands of people and millions of birds are unaffected. If the disease was readily transmitted to and between humans, it would have caused a lot of problems in other countries before now.

Misunderstanding #5. All birds and people should be vaccinated against H5N1 flu.

First of all, no human vaccine exists (at least publicly) against H5N1 flu. This is a GOOD thing. We have been taken for a ride by an immensely greedy group of people who have led us down this path before - remember "swine flu" in the 1970's (a proven pharmaceutical fraud, whose "vaccine response" killed thousands, when the disease itself killed No-one!).

In fact virtually ALL vaccines contain some of the most toxic chemicals known to man and NONE have ever been proven to be of benefit, let alone prevent disease. Rather they have been shown time and again to CAUSE disease in massive numbers, which is why compensation programs exist.

We wouldn't be surprised if some enterprising pharmaceutical company just happens to have something on the back burner to be produced when the price (and the demand) is right. However, we also wouldn't be surprised if its use led to drug-induced death on a scale never before seen despite the fact that medicine is the leading cause of death in the Western World.

These shocking truths, and many more lie waiting to be discovered, so let me ask you again, what do you really know about bird flu?

Brian Adamson
Totally-Natural Natural Health Information Centre

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