Bird Flu
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                                                   H5N1 Bird Flu - The Real Enemy of Mankind?

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H5N1 Bird Flu - The Real Enemy of Mankind?

Bill Knight

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In todays world, the unstable political and religious arenas, adorned with fundamentalist views and backed by terrorist atrocities, harbors a relentless threat to peace and the well-being of mankind. Political and economic instability has for many decades proven to bring civil unrest, violence and bloodshed to the countries whose leaders have lost all but control of the population.

Western intervention, as apparent in Iraq, appears to have the opposite effect to that intended, and to a larger degree has the ability to inflame hostilities still further, by adding another dimension to worsening internal problems.

In our dismal efforts to crack and defeat worldwide terrorism, we rely on information gathered by intelligence agencies. Sometimes this information can be misleading or completely wrong. If the information is analyzed and illustrates a threat, military action can quickly follow, which with counter measures, gives rise to the next generation of dissidents and terrorists.

The world will never be a safe place while its inhabitants hold steadfast their ideals, political and religious beliefs to the exclusion of all rational deliberation.

But the world now faces an unseen enemy. This foe does not distinguish between man, woman, child, politics, religion, creed or color. And its mission is undeniably that of survival, whatever it takes and however many lives it destroys.

Our future battles will not be drawn out against our fellow man, rather with Mother Nature herself, who as we all know can unleash the most powerful forces known to man.

Alarmingly, one of natures most deadly viruses is currently spreading unabated throughout the world. The H5N1 Avian (Bird flu) virus has been responsible for the deaths of millions of poultry and wild birds, and to date has claimed over one hundred human lives.

Theres no sign of this silent killer being tamed or thwarted in its attempts to cull the human race. We are simply not in control. But at least we should be preparing ourselves for any worst case scenario, the consequences of which we can only try to imagine.

Bird flu is real and everyone should be alert to the possibilities of a pandemic. Its time to prepare and survive.

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