Bird Flu
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                                                   Here's The Truth On The Bird Flu Virus

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Here's The Truth On The Bird Flu Virus

Mark Kessler

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Bird Flu is its common name, which is a specific strain of an influenza virus. Scientists have dubbed this flu: H5N1. The origin of this flu began in birds, and ONLY birds have been hit hard by this so far. Millions of birds have perished because of this disease starting in China, then onto Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa and Europe. The spread of this flu is a result of birds migrating to those areas of the world. The governments of those regions have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of birds in an effort to prevent the spread of the Bird Flu Virus.

The only way a human can get the Bird Flu Virus (as it stands right now) is if they have come in close, physical contact with an infected bird. A person CANNOT get it from another human. When was the last time you came in close, physical contact with a live bird? Let alone, a bird that is infected with H5N1. In the last 10 years, only 207 people worldwide have been infected with the Bird Flu Virus. Sadly, 115 of those infected have died. Let's look at these figures for a moment, 207 people in the entire world, out of a population of more than Six Point Five BILLION people on earth. So why is everyone freaking out over the Bird Flu Virus?

The top disease experts in the world have stated that it takes weeks and months for a flu-like virus to spread. Scientists are way ahead of the curve when it comes to prevention of even the worst-case scenario. Like the one that ABC-TV tried to shove down our throat with it's.. "We're All Gonna Die"... movie called: "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America" portraying a bird flu pandemic rampaging across the United States.

If the Bird Flu Virus does make a jump into the human population, the first thing our government would do, is to contain the outbreak. By that, I DON'T mean that you should make a run to your local Home Depot and buy rolls and rolls of plastic to seal up your house. (remember the Anthrax scare, a few years ago?) And then start eating handfuls of Tamiflu: The #1 doctor-prescribed flu medicine What they would suggest is that you stay home and take an antibiotic, so that you wouldn't spread your flu to other people you come in contact with. Pretty much like you have done most of your life, get the flu, stay home and take medicine until you are better.

Quarantines, vaccine shortages, mass graves, mass hysteria and our elected officials hiding in a bunker, as a result of someone that fondled a sick chicken. It isnt gonna happen. However, if you are obsessed with Bird Flu Virus, the website listed below contains a library of free information on this topic. You just might find the exact details about H5N1 that you've been looking for.

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