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                                                   How To Buy Tamiflu Online, Bird Flu And Avian Flu Treatment - Are You Protected From An Epidemic?

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How To Buy Tamiflu Online, Bird Flu And Avian Flu Treatment - Are You Protected From An Epidemic?

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Tamiflu is an anti viral drug which will serve as the frontline of defense, should there ever be an avian influenza pandemic. There is no reliable vaccine for the H5N1 virus yet, so until one becomes available, tamiflu will be used to stem the symptoms and spread of avian influenza (bird flu).

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Before discussing tamiflu and an effective avian flu / bird flu treatment. lets have a look at the avian flu or H5N1 influenza virus.

Bird flu has been around in one form or another for many years but in 1997 the first human case of avian flu was recorded. This caused alarm and millions of poultry were killed to stem the likelihood of a worldwide epidemic. Tamiflu had not yet been invented or discovered and without a suitable vaccine or anti viral drug, the bird flu influenza would certainly spark a pandemic.

After killing millions of poultry, and unfortunately, losing many lives to the H5N1 virus, due to human contamination from exposure to chickens, roosters and other poultry, The global community thought that the influenza outbreak had been contained and defeated. So there was no reason for anti viral drugs such as tamiflu or a vaccine. The virus had not mutated into a contagious virus which could be passed from human to human and it seemed like a great success.

Unfortunately, bird flu has reared its ugly head again and is once again making worldwide news and fear of a pandemic is greater than ever. The need for an anti viral drug such as tamiflu is now massive. The virus has still not made the transition to a virus which is passed from human to human, but it looks imminent. Millions of boxes of tamiflu are being manufactured and governments throughout the world are stockpiling the drug.

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