Bird Flu
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                                                   Human Bird Flu Almost Ready to Launch, Scientists Have Been Working on It

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Human Bird Flu Almost Ready to Launch, Scientists Have Been Working on It

Lance Winslow

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Many conspiracy theorists believe that China has been testing many strains of modified bird flu and vaccines on their own peasants in the South East Provinces, as there have been rather particular breakouts and interesting cover-ups. Many folks are quite certain that the bird flu strain, which can pass from human-to-human may in fact be man made.

And before we completely dismiss these conspiracy theorists as complete lunatics, it does make sense as there really is a motive; both to limit human populations and make money on vaccine sales too; and that my friends is the gist of the conspiracy theorists claims.

Nevertheless and no matter if you buy into those conspiracies or not, a dangerous human strain of bird flu is possible and it is something we must plan for. So far the human strain is not really a human strain at all, it is merely a strain, which makes humans very sick and is possible to pass on, not easily, but it can happen. Eventually it is feared that the virus will evolve into something else, which will be easily passed from human to human like influenza or the common flu.

Does this mean you and your family are in danger of dying? No, but it means you should be prepared for this potential eventuality and make sure that if it does break out you are indeed able to over come the problems thru careful isolation and minimal human contact. It means stay heads up, listen and follow the advice of the experts if and when this occurs. So, please consider this in 2006.

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