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                                                   Is It Possible To Have A Blue Print Of The Day Bird Flu Homes In Your State?

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Is It Possible To Have A Blue Print Of The Day Bird Flu Homes In Your State?

Ashish Jain

They will help you save hours of frustrating, wasted searching, and let you zero in on the best material on this subject - like this article you're reading. Go on... It is indeed a war scene, without the weapons, blasts and the fire!

Ten years ago, the scientists and the researchers never thought in their wildest imagination that birds could lead to such a crisis. Birds were the delight of the bards on the one side and the meat-eaters on the other side! They accepted the butcher's knife for too long a time and now they are in a mood to send the human race to the graves!

What would be the world scenario like in the event of the outbreak of the bird flu pandemic?

It staggers one's imagination! The lifestyles will change. The dress code will change. Men, women and children will look like Spiderman, with their masks. Public areas will be deserted areas. Schools and colleges will suspend their operations.

It is not the wild guess in a fiction. It is the real life situation. Large corporate clients are getting the blue prints ready and work on their contingent plans. They wish to ascertain from their suppliers, whether they would be in a position to continue/augment their supplies in case of the break out of bird flu pandemic.

There are certain situations in which your government will come to your help, but there are also certain situations where you need to help the government. Bird flu pandemic is possibly one such situation.

Constructive dynamism would be the need of the hour. The spread of the pandemic virus must be halted. Kids need to be educated about the dos and donts. It is desirable not to touch the railings, railings in the parks and schools and even the buses. Avoid sitting, playing and sleeping on the park benches. Do not go to a movie at allif you still insist, dont use shorts and let not your bare skin touch any part of the auditorium furniture items.

Avoid contact with the materials used by other persons. Make maximum use of the sanitizing items, whichever may be the place. Avoid swimming pools.

In anticipation such situations, a disaster management cell needs to be created in every institution, private or public. A manual of instructions that explains the details of to do and not to do things needs to be prepared. It goes without saying that the government will make maximum use of the print media and electronic media to educate the public.

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