Bird Flu
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                                                   Learn All The Secrets They Don't Tell You About Bird Flu

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Learn All The Secrets They Don't Tell You About Bird Flu

Dane J Stanton

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Isn't it interesting to think that one day you could be going about your normal everyday life and then suddenly an outbreak of bird flu could be on you? What would you do in this situation? How would you react? Most people will tell you that they would stay calm and do what they are told, however this is unfortunately not true. You see, most people will panic and as a result, total chaos could erupt. So what can we do prevent this from occurring in the unlikely event of a bird flu breakout?

Preparation Is The Key

One of the first things that most people will think about if bird flu was upon them, is their loved ones and where they are located, therefore it is important to make sure you can communicate with your family and friends fast and easily. Does everyone in your family, including your children have a cell phone? Perhaps only to use just for emergencies. If this isn't the case than I would suggest going out and buying them all one. Most cell phone companies offer whole family deals and are usually very cheap to have. Another thing that people should be looking into is safety equipment that will prevent the bird flu virus from entering into your system. There are many places that stock whole body suits that are easy to use and only take seconds to put on. These suits could mean the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones. Whatever equipment you have, make sure it is all together and in an easy to find place so the whole family knows where it is.

Do You Have a Plan?

The next step is to create a plan that everyone in your family can follow in the unlikely event of a bird flu outbreak. This would be something like the following in the case of a mother at home, a father at work and children at school. Step one, everyone call home using their cell phones to say where they are. This way everyone can be accounted for. Step 2, dad leaves work and picks up the kids on the way home from work, while at the same time, mom organizes all the safety equipment and makes it ready for the kids and her husband to put on easily. Step 3, dad and kids arrive home and mom or dad calls the center for disease control and prevention on 800-232-4636 and finds out the current situation on the crisis. Step 4, gain instructions on what to do. For example if the situation is serious you will be advised to put on your safety equipment. If the situation isn't as serious as what you initially thought, you will be advised to stay indoors until told otherwise.

From then on, mom and dad should call up that same number and receive constant updates until the time when events have changed, hopefully for the better.

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