Bird Flu
        and You

                                                   Move Aside Terrorism, Here Comes... Bird Flu!

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Move Aside Terrorism, Here Comes... Bird Flu!

Gary Simpson

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After years and years of being pounded daily with the negative messages of terrorism, we are now being belted around the ears with the latest depressing news... bird flu. Now, why do you think that might be happening?

Sure, there is a threat - a very real threat and yes, we do need to be made aware of it. However, governments all around the world, via media outlets, are saturating our minds with the expectation of it. Just like they did with terrorism.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers and Government CEO's the world over have virtually lost all the respect of their populations by virtue of their continual manipulation of the truth. They make all sorts of grand promises to get elected then, once the gullible public votes them into office, they set about creating their own agendas. All sorts of reasons are offered as to why the promises cannot and will not be delivered.

Electors have become increasingly cynical but it makes no difference. Nothing changes until the spectre of another election looms. Then money gets thrown around like confetti - but only in marginal seats.

Politicians and their "minders" have therefore developed new tactics to take the spotlight off their dismal performances. They have latched onto the fact that people who are frightened are far easier to manipulate.

Keeping the population under fear is the second plank of control for career politicians. The first plank is to keep people poor by continually raising taxes, charges, utility costs and forever increasing the amount of compliance that people are required, by law, to conform to.

Control is as simple as that. "Keep 'em poor, keep 'em scared."

So, is it any wonder that politicians the world over are spreading the propaganda of a devastating bird flu pandemic? If they were at all serious about the issue they would be doing a lot more than just issuing endless warnings.

Eventually, we will become "deaf" to it like everything else they foist upon us. That is when they will wheel out their favorite topic again - terrorism. What a tag team - terrorism and bird flu. It hardly gets any scarier than that.

To prove my point just watch what happens when the next political furore looks like turning nasty for the ruling party. You guessed it - bird flu... terrorism - anything to take the spotlight off the issue at hand so they can bunker down and go into damage control mode.

"Keep 'em poor, keep 'em scared." It works like a charm.

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