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                                                   Perfect Home Remedy for Cold and Flu? Virus Destroyed in 3 Minutes Without Drugs!

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Perfect Home Remedy for Cold and Flu? Virus Destroyed in 3 Minutes Without Drugs!

Arthur Craig Miller

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The cold is a respiratory infection caused by any one of more than 200 different viruses, making the discovery of a cure or vaccine an enormous challenge. At the beginning of infection, the common cold and influenza symptoms appear almost identical. The flu can go on to be more severe, and even kill. In fact influenza is the 5th greatest cause of deaths due to illnesses worldwide.

Traditionally, there has been no common cold cure or prevention for this disease. However fascinating scientific evidence, resulting from an accident during research with polio virus, has suggested a simple, yet effective procedure that anyone can use to actually destroy invading cold and flu viruses, for the first time.

Developed by Dr. Dimke, the ColdARREST / FluARREST "Conquer the Common Cold and Flu" procedure works almost immediately. Discovery does not mask or suppress flu symptoms or cold symptoms, but rather kills the invading virus in 3 minutes.

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A revolutionary, new, cold-prevention system is also presented. A safe, self-administered drug free natural procedure. No drugs, miracle foods, lozenges or supplements involved.

This is safe for anyone to use. Children routinely catch three times as many colds as adults. Yet, with parental supervision, the ColdARREST / FluARREST procedure is safe enough and gentle enough for a child to use, and just as effective a common cold cure.

ColdARREST / FluARREST is presented on CD, and the 3 minute natural alternative common cold and influenza treatment and remedy is described in detail.

Based on 124 years of proven scientific virus, vaccine and biophysical research and experiments from USA, UK, Japan and Denmark, including leading laboratories and medical hospitals. This is probably the ultimate home remedy for cold and flu.

For the benefit of physicians, chiropractors, and other medical professionals, Dr. Dimke has prepared a detailed bibliography of the extensive medical and biophysical research behind the procedure. It is included in standard Index Medicus format, of the type that Doctors use.

I personally discovered this life saver, after my young son nearly lost his life. As a child he and his twin brother were constantly falling victim to colds and flu related illnesses. As a young teenager he eventually required massive surgery due to a potentially lethal lung disease.

Whilst convalescing, I taught him this simple procedure. He recovered fully, and I thank God he has not suffered from any of these dreadful diseases in over 3 years.

In fact our entire family have stayed cold and flu free for some years, despite experiencing some really bleak English winters. We are sincere believers and practitioners of Dr. Dimke's "Conquer the Common Cold and Flu" method.

I do trust this procedure represents a real common cold cure and influenza cure. Remember ColdARREST / FluARREST is used effectively in 40 countries worldwide - this may indeed be the method to protect you and your family from the avian (bird flu) influenza. Is this a natural bird flu treatment? Perhaps even an actual bird flu cure?

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Arthur Craig Miller, United Kingdom

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Arthur Craig Miller is a medical writer and researcher. He became interested in the common cold and flu cure, after almost losing his child to a near fatal lung disease. A staunch advocate of the ColdARREST 3 minute drug-free procedure.

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