Bird Flu
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                                                   Power Up You Immune System Naturally This Cold and Flu Season

The topic that will be discussed in the following article is being widely discussed in various venues most especially on the internet. Yet despite the popularity of the topic we feel that there is still a need for more sources that provide objective information. So here it is, read on.

Power Up You Immune System Naturally This Cold and Flu Season

Chris Harris

Sidenote: Hope you're finding this useful? I have always been curious about this matter. And when I found very little quality information about it, I decided to share a part of what I've learned about it - which is why this article came to be written. Read on. Is America in Big Trouble this cold and flu season? The avian flu is making its way toward America. It is primarily targeting young men and it may be impossible to stop. However...There are things that you can do to prepare yourself for this cold and flu season that will help boost your immune system and your alkaline reserves, to help prevent contraction of a virus or communicable disease.

The key to prevention, energy and overall good health, comes from Alkaline. You can boost your immune system naturally by ingesting more alkaline foods and beverages.

Current studies from Japan on the science of electrolyzing water, have indicated that the adult diseases are a result of increased waste acidity and an impaired immune system. Ingesting an Alkaline water concentrate, such as Fitness Fuel from, will help dissolve the wastes that have been built up over many years and it will help fortify the immune system. The Alkaline neutralizes excess acidity, thus helping the body to naturally rid itself of toxic acid waste products to maintain a healthy pH balance. Rene Davis MSc, CNC conducted a live blood analysis with a darkfield microscope and reported "Usage contributes to alleviation of detoxification symptoms."

Dr. Kuninaka Hironage has been testing and using Alkaline water in Japan and has over 10 years of experience. One of his most significant discoveries is that with regular consumption of electrolyzed alkaline water, very high blood pressure levels began to decrease.

The initial Benifits of ingesting Alkaline foods and beverages include: Improved Cellular Structure, Decrease in your bodies Acid content, Increased Athletic Performance, Increased Metabolism, Increased Stamina, Decreased Fat Storage, Decreased Water Storage, Increased blood flow and movement of oxygen to the brain, Increased Immune System and an Overall Proper Hydration.

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And now you know. Its amazing how so many of our assumptions turn out to be false, in the endor how much deeper a topic is than we originally thought. We hope that this article has revealed a new dimension to this topic and given you much to think about. Doesnt the world seem so much bigger than before?