Bird Flu
        and You

                                                   Read this Article if You Are Not Afraid of Bird Flu

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Read this Article if You Are Not Afraid of Bird Flu

Lance Winslow

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Are you tired of being in fear of this or that or what ever it is today? Are you tired of the BS and Hokum from the folks who brought us Y2K?

Are you sitting down and watching too much TV until your rear is sore? Are you simply fed up with the prospect of Nuclear War?

Does the thought of Communism no longer get you down? Are you to the point you are certain it will always be around?

Are you tired of looking for OBL in some remote cave they say he does dwell? Are you sure he is on our payroll and want to tell them all to go to hell?

This Comet, which is certain to hit the Earth and kill us all? The one that never comes, forget that noise I am going shopping, be at the mall!

Are you tired of hearing about fictitious political scandal? Those people in D.C. it seems that they will never get a handle.

Is International Terrorism really real you ask yourself now? My god you turn on the TV and the mass media is in complete hysteria having a cow.

Its the economy stupid it is crumbling all around? Yet every time you look out you see, expansion, business as usual and the jobs abound?

Are we suppose to live in fear for fear sake? Are you wondering now why you are becoming immune to it all, catastrophes of Earthquakes and you dont even shake?

The Hurricane Season broke all records, Super Storms are real? Are you worried about disruption of power, supplies and where you will get your next meal?

This fear we must be afraid the disease is coming we are all going to die? Well, thats nice but how can you prove to us that Bird Flu is not just another lie?

Lance Winslow

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