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                                                   Rouche Pharmaceuticals, Bird Flu Vaccine and Supply Chains

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Rouche Pharmaceuticals, Bird Flu Vaccine and Supply Chains

Lance Winslow

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If we have a human strain of Bird Flu which breaks out, there is a good chance we will not have enough vaccine or will not be able to make it fast enough to stay ahead of the problem. This means if H5N1 mutates or evolves into a fast mover, millions could die. Recently a reporter condemned Rouche Pharmaceuticals for buying up all the Star Anise fruit crop which is said to inhibit Bird Flu and a component of the Tami flu Vaccine, yet Rouche already has huge orders and must insure its Supply Chain.

In the United States we have many academics condemning Rouche and all big pharma of price fixing strategies. They are using this case as an example, right as Africa has already seen a number of cases of the H5N1 strain of Bird Flu. It seems to me that if we have 23 year old liberals in colleges across America complaining about free-markets and free-enterprise and complain to the government to attack big business, then big business will simply not make the vaccine and you can all go die? Not really a very inviting alternative.

Lets also face facts and that is Patent Law is there for a reason so that these companies can spend for R and D and realize a return, thus continuing ongoing and viable business with positive results; shareholders equity and quarterly profits. If we attack Rouche for being in business to make money, then they will produce little in the way of vaccines; Ayn Rand Affect! Consider all this in 2006.

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