Bird Flu
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                                                   Spanish Flu and Bird Flu Similar Scenarios

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Spanish Flu and Bird Flu Similar Scenarios

Lance Winslow

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Many people do not understand why the bird flew is such a huge issue because right now it is only infecting other birds. That is a real bummer for the birds especially those that migrate and for those of us that like to eat chickens. Why is the bird flew such a worry some potential eventuality?

Well many are saying that there could be a strain, which spreads between humans. How serious could something like that be? Well consider the 1918 - 1919 Spanish flu that killed 50 million people. Now all do you understand why people are worried about the bird flu mutating and spreading from human to human.

It is a real concern and it is something that is a potential eventuality that will eventually happen, but no one knows when. You should be very concerned and perhaps be a little bit prepared for such a scenario. Since the world as much closer together now with jet airplane travel and we ship products all over the world in trade a bird flu virus could spread to all five continents in a matter of days.

Each year the influenza flu spreads across the nation very quickly and normally doesn't kill anybody that is healthy. A bird flu virus could be worse, because it might even take out some healthy people but those that are not healthy would be in dire jeopardy if a vaccine for that exact strain was not available. Consider this in 2006.

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