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                                                   Star Anise Fruits Used in Bird Flu Vaccines?

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Star Anise Fruits Used in Bird Flu Vaccines?

Lance Winslow

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The Boston Globe reported that Rouche Pharmaceuticals had purchased 90% of the Star Anise Fruit crop, which they said was used in the making of their Tamiflu vaccine. Then recently on a think tank two think tankers had complained that this could potentially be an anti-trust or price fixing strategy. Another think tanker responded and asked:

So I ask the question do either of you two realize any of this bigger picture? The game? Do you understand how the world really works? Also if you are going to post your hit and run accusations and conspiracy theories against a Multi-National Conglomerate on this Think Tank site, you need to use your whole names, affiliations and do so with integrity and full disclosure.

Since they had yet to respond the conspiracy theory debunker and level headed thinker went on to ask more questions and stated:

Additionally if you have never had to develop a product, bring it to market, battle government agencies for your right to do so or ever had made a payroll, then you are simply blowing smoke and hot air to the process of bringing a vaccine to market. Thus your Think Tank opinions are not higher cognitive thought, they are mimicking the a liberal line of reasoning which simply is not so.

He further went on to state that indeed quoting the Boston Globe or any such newspaper article written by a liberal half-wit writer, who does not understand this whole picture is not thinking it is only a stimulus reaction of the sound and fury and you are being used and manipulated by the mass media hysteria here. This is not a linear thing. If you want free-enterprise to provide vaccines for the world you need to stop attacking it. Because government sure as sh_it cannot do it.

I think we need to look at alternative points of view rather than simply accept the reporters opinion who is quite removed from reality at the Boston Globe when discussion such important issues as Bird Flu. So consider all this in 2006.

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