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                                                   Star Anise, Tamiflu, Rouche and Bird Flu Vaccines

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Star Anise, Tamiflu, Rouche and Bird Flu Vaccines

Lance Winslow

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Star Anise is a fruit, which aids in taking out the bird flu virus. Rouche was condemned for buying up 90% of the crop, yet some industry analysts say it has to in order to insure its supply chain for previous and future orders. That makes sense of course. Yet many are crying foul of monopoly, predatory pricing and anti-trust.

A hot topic indeed, yet if we attack Rouche and thus tell our government that we will not spend the 2-Billion to buy the vaccine, at least enough to stave off the rapid spread and isolate the problem quickly as we cannot afford to buy enough for everyone of our 300 million plus population and Rouche does not have enough made and cannot make enough for everyone fast enough anyway; then we will find no one produces what we need and more people die.

If Rouche has protocols to insure that they can license out their vaccines, then a fast ramp up of the vaccine if need can be produced. If Rouche has a way to produce more faster in colonies of bacteria, namely using the e.Coli fermentation process, then they can make vaccine other than using egg. This is good, as if we kill all the chickens and generally use those eggs to grow more vaccines then we are at a catch 22 for Bird Flu vaccines. If Rouche has more than one option in making the vaccines, then they have a better chance of making enough to serve the most amount of people who could be potentially infected. This is a good thing and Rouche is smart for thinking ahead of the crisis and securing their supply chains. Consider this in 2006.

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