Bird Flu
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                                                   Stopping The Asian Bird Flu In Its Track

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Stopping The Asian Bird Flu In Its Track

Matt Ellsworth

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There is more than one Asian bird flu strain and not all of them have the same level of health hazards. Some of these Asian bird flu strains will kill you and some will just make you very ill. The most dangerous of the Asian bird flu strains is the H5N1, which happened to occur for the first time in 1997. This Asian bird flu does not only kill people, in fact it kills many more chickens than it does human beings.

The Asian bird flu has killed millions of chickens all over Asia and this has had a serious effect on the people there and how they make a living from year to year. Many chicken farmers have lost all of their stock several times over all thanks to the Asian bird flu. Those whose chickens did not get sick and die have had to have their chickens culled in order to try and contain the Asian bird flu. So as you can see, the Asian bird flu has an affect on much more than just making some people sick.

Not many people get the Asian bird flu but out of those who do many will die and have died over the years. Around half of those who catch the Asian bird flu will die from it and this is not going to change unless the world comes up with an effective Asian bird flu vaccine. The good news is that this Asian bird flu vaccine is in the works right now and hopefully it will be perfected sometime soon.

The main places that have to be worried about the Asian bird flu are all in Asia. These countries are Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. If you live in these places and you deal with chickens on a daily basis then you need to be aware of the dangers of the Asian bird flu.

The Asian bird flu has not killed many people or even infected that many over the last few years even though there has been so much talk about the Asian bird flu. Most of those who have caught it are those who have direct contact with the chickens.

No matter where it is that you live it is important that you know that everyone is doing all that they can to contain any Asian bird flu outbreaks.

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