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                                                   Talking to Children About A Bird Flu Pandemic

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Talking to Children About A Bird Flu Pandemic

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If you liked what you've read so far, you'll love the rest. Now you too can access the resources created by top experts. At this time the chance of a flu pandemic is fairly low. Human to human transmission has not been confirmed but scientists fear if the virus mutates into a form that is easily passed from person to person, then the chance of a avian influenza pandemic will increase. Health experts say it is only a matter of time. A world pandemic will have catastrophic consequences.

In the event of a bird flu pandemic, life for you and your children will change dramatically. People around them could be very ill, other people they know could die. Schools will be closed and they will have to stay home. Depending on their age, they may not understand what is going on in the world.

You will need to explain to them that many people are sick all over the world and many may die. If they are ill or other family members are ill that will be a daily concern. They may need to be in a hospital. If other family members are in the hospital, they may not be able to see them until they are better.

The more informed you are about how bird flu is spread by person to person contact, the better you will be able to explain the facts to them. Give them the reasons why it is important to wash their hand, why they may need to wear a facemask, why they can't go to school or play with friends. The more information they have the less fearful they will be of the events around them.

In the event you are required to stay at home for weeks or months, you will need to plan for a daily routine. This may include home schooling. It may be hard to settle into a routine but having a daily routine will be the best way to cope with a pandemic event.

Cabin fever and boredom may set in quickly. Have plenty of things on hand for them to do. Encourage them to read. Have them help around the house and with meals. Spend time together as a family talking, playing games, singing and doing craft projects.

Allow them to express their feelings about what is happening, especially if someone close to them has died. They will need their own space as much as you will need yours. Everyone should retreat to their own rooms for a portion of the day. Reassure them things will get better in time and they will be able to go back to school and play with friends

Use this time of world crisis to reconnect with your family. If you are prepared, you can survive the duration of a bird flu pandemic and come out of it a stronger family. Stayed informed by keeping up on the latest bird flu news. Start planning today for a possible bird flu pandemic.

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