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                                                   Tamiflu, Rouche, and The Politics of Bird Flu Vaccine

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Tamiflu, Rouche, and The Politics of Bird Flu Vaccine

Lance Winslow

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Some are already condemning Rouche Pharmaceuticals over their Tamiflu vaccine. The critics are upset as H5N1 Bird Flu is already in Africa and fear is that it will evolve to spread from human to human very rapidly; then around the World. In fact the US President has already asked for 2-Billion dollars worth of the vaccine for the United States of America. Rouche has therefore bought up reports say 90% of the Star Arise fruit crop. Now critics are saying that Rouche is trying to corner the market on the Bird Flu vaccine.

If we are to make Rouche out as a scapegoat too quickly, then they will not be around for round two, whatever that maybe. Whatever we learn now conquering the reality of a future human strain Bird Flu break out or the hypothetical practice for an even more devastating catastrophe of some other sort along the virus realm of hazards; is valuable to the ongoing viability and forward progression of the species.

If we are to call foul too quickly or call for anti-trust on Rouche for price manipulation, monopolistic tendencies or aggressive anti-competitive commerce we will do so at the damage of not only Rouche but to the entire Big Pharma World-Wide Industry and to the human race itself.

Indeed we must consider another issue and that is there are patent laws, which need to be duly honored, as that is our current system and it propels potential profitable gain and compels industry to innovate, explore and spend the big bucks on BioTech research and development that the government is unwilling to spend on or quite frankly does a piss poor job at promoting or getting to the breakthroughs that we need. Consider this in 2006.

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