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                                                   The Flu Shot Deception

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The Flu Shot Deception

Rino Soriano

If you liked what you've read so far, you'll love the rest. Now you too can access the resources created by top experts. If you are like most people then you believe that the flu shot will help you to avoid getting sick. Supposedly, this shot will dramatically reduce your chances of getting the flu for this year. Millions of people go out every year starting around November and get their yearly shot. So, what is the BIG deal you say?

The BIG deal is that by getting a flu shot, you have just INCREASED your chances of getting the flu and other flu-like symptoms. The BIG deal is that vaccines have never been proven to work as claimed. The BIG deal is that you are subjecting yourself to a great deal of harm by injecting sythetic chemicals along with a virus into your body. Once again we have something that is so simple to understand and yet because of the conditioning, most people can not see the plain truth sitting right there in front of their eyes.

Here is a simple question that will give you a new perspective about the flu shot. If you want to avoid getting the flu this year, why would you go and get a shot that has a flu virus (along with other toxic chemicals)? If you don't want the flu, doesn't it make sense that you then wouldn't want to inject this virus into your body???

When you get a flu shot, you have just injected a virus into your body along with many other toxic chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies won't reveal. Thus, as is a normal response of your immune system, it will attempt to eliminate this forgein agent. You may now get the flu or flu-like symptoms simply because your body will attempt to rid itself of this toxic agent. This normally happens when you get the flu anyway. My point is that you are increasing your chances of getting the flu by getting the shot. Does this make sense? Of course it does. Yet, millions of people fall for the SCAM every year.

Amazing how the media hypes up the current year's shot supply. They warn you to go out and get your shot before they run out. BULL!! The media is used to trick you and coerce you with fear. If you do not know by nowhere is the reality. The pharmaceutical companies, the government and the media are all deceptively connected and all are carrying forth corrupt agendas. Here is a clueall these organizations are controlled by the same money elite and pull all the strings. The pharmaceutcial companies are all headed by business men. In fact, western medicine was started by business men decades ago. The agenda was not to really help people but rather the profit potential .

So, if you want to stay brainwashed and subject yourself and your family to great harm then go ahead and listen to what these corrupt organizations have to tell you. They will be more than happy to have you as their customer. And they will be more than happy every year when you go out and get your SCAM shot which will do more harm than good.

Ohby the wayhere is just a small tidbit I thought you may want to know about the flu shot and how effective it is. 60% of the people who get the flu shot end up getting the flu or flu-like symptoms. Little do these people know and yourselfis that you can significantly reduce your chances of getting the flu by incorporating some very simple habits into your daily regimen. Here is secret that you may not knowjust because you get exposed to the flu virus does not mean that you will get the flu.

Here 7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Chances of Getting The Flu Every Year:

1) Wash your hands with soap frequently throughout the day

2) Drink about 3 liters of purified water per day

3) Reduce you stress levels. Stress and the impact it has on your immune system is the #1 reason why people fall ill with the flu

4) Eat a highly balanced diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables. Reduce your intake of processed and dead foods like sugar, white flour foods, coffee, milk.

5) Take 1 tablespoon of Flax or Hemp Seed oil per day

6) Make sure you are taking a good trace mineral supplement

7) Take a high quality antioxidant every day in the fall and winter months- I recommend Ester-C at least 3000-5000 mg per day

If you are healthy and follow a comprehensive health regimen then viruses or bacteria can not affect you. You see, the germ theory that has been propogated over the years since Lou Pasteur has been debunked. Even Pasteur himself said before he passed that his theory was flawed and he felt that germs did play a role in illness and poor health, however, they are not the root cause for any illness.

Here is my advice to you if you really care about your health and your family's health.DO NOT EVER EVER EVER GET A FLU SHOT!!!!!

Do you want to sponsor companies that have hidden corrupt agendas to hurt you? So the question you may have at this point is why would the pharmaceutical companies and the government allow something that is dangerous for humans to be used in this way? Again, the name of the game is POLITICS and POWER. These organizations don't care about your wellbeing. All they care about is how much profit they can pull in year after year. Do you want to be their customer? Really? Then I suggest you end your relationship with them as soon as possible.

If you truly want to feel the best you can and experience optimum health then it is essential that you empower yourself with valid holistic health knowledge. You are responsible for your health. Look at what happens when people place the repsonsibility of their health on someone else. Look at our society and see how many people are sick, tired, depressed and stress out. The funny thing isthat creating optimum health is very simple. You just have to know the right information and stop being so naive and believing everything you see on tv or read in the paper.

Understand thisthe media outlets are used to program the people. Don't believe me? Fine then continue to listen to what these sources of information have to say. I am sure that eventually you will wise up and realize that deceptions you have fallen for over the years. I live by a simple sayingThe Proof Is In The Pudding. I look at life and let it reveal to me the truth. I don't let someone or something tell me what I should believe.

Listen to your heart and intuition and you will always be steered in the right direction. Life can simple and so is creating optimum health.

To Your Health,

Rino Soriano- "The Chronic Fatigue Buster"
About the Author

Rino is a holistic health coach, author and developer of the 12 Royal Diamonds of Optimum Health. He is also CEO of Optimum Health Coaching, Inc.

Rino's mission is to empower people so that they can create optimum health for their entire lives. His philosophy is that our society is in need of a serious shift of our health paradigm.

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