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                                                   The Truth About Avian Bird Flu

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The Truth About Avian Bird Flu

Dane J Stanton

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Avian bird flu is a contagious disease that affects mainly birds. It is a strand of disease that comes from the influenza virus which is very species-specific. That means it usually only affects the species that coincides with the particular strand. The main concern with avian bird flu is its ability to contaminate huge flocks of poultry. Domestic birds don't usually become infected unless they are in contact with native birds in the area. Most native birds have an immunity to bird flu but they still carry it in their blood. Domestic birds however, are usually not immune to avian bird flu and when they are in contact with a carrying bird, they can easily become infected.

What About The Current Outbreaks In Poultry?

In 2003 South East Asia saw one of the largest outbreaks of avian bird flu in history. Over 150 million birds were destroyed. Since that time the disease is now considered an endemic in countries such as Cambodia, China and Thailand. It is thought that the disease is still showing up in these countries today and may take several more years before the disease is fully under control.

What Affect Does Avian Bird Flu Have On Human Health?

There are two main risk factors for humans when considering the spread of avian bird flu. The first risk is direct infection from poultry to humans. This direct infection on humans is known to have caused death in the past, due to its aggressive nature, although it is not common.

The second risk is that avian bird flu will mutate into the human strand which of course is deadly to all humans. This has sparked major concern in the western world and many people are buying anti-contamination products to protect themselves in the case of an outbreak occurring. Although this is unlikely, it is important to remember that it is possible and people should take a greater interest in the media so they can keep up to date with present news on bird flu.

Is It Safe To Eat Poultry?

Presently there is no need to be concerned about eating contaminated chickens or ducks, however when entering countries in South East Asia that are still caught in an endemic, people should take certain care about the products they consume. In fact probably the best thing to do when visiting these countries is to stay away from poultry altogether. That way you can be certain of never picking up avian bird flu.

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