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                                                   The Virus That Causes Bird Flu

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The Virus That Causes Bird Flu

Ngullen Rivera

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The virus that causes bird flu appears to be versatile and resilient. Scientists are working on a new vaccine that would be effective against the new strain of the virus that causes Bird flu. There are different subtypes and strains of the virus that causes bird flu, and some cause more severe disease than others. Results of the examinations for the H5N1 virus that causes bird flu are be announced later on Sunday, officials said.

Certainly the virus that causes bird flu could mutate so that it could be transmitted from human to human.

A new type of a virus that causes bird flu appeared in Japan, Reuters announced.

Do not assume that any form of bird flu killed the ducks or geese, because these birds can die from many other causes.

The poultry industry tests continuously to make sure the virus that causes Asian bird flu doesnt get a foothold in commercial poultry flocks. At present, the virus that causes Asian bird flu does not easily infect humans. The H5N1 virus which causes bird flu struck a human being for the first time in 1997. It appears that the H5N1 bird-flu virus causes a massive immunological response against the virus in those with the strongest immune systems.

An influenza outbreak among birds occurs when the virus causes serious illness or death and is spread from bird to bird. Migratory water fowl, and ducks in particular, carry the virus that causes bird flu. This bird flu strain mutates rapidly, easily mixes with viruses from other species and causes severe disease in humans. The Bird Flu virus causes severe flu-like symptoms in people and may result in death.

Proper cooking kills the virus that causes bird flu. An 18-year-old man became the ninth person in Vietnam to die after contracting the H5N1 virus, which causes bird flu.

Turkish health ministry officials confirmed that in seven cases of ill individuals, the virus identified was the one that causes bird flu. For three reasons: 1.They dont change because unlike humans birds dont have immunity towards influenza which causes them no reason to mutate.

Infection with bird flu viruses in domestic poultry causes two main forms of disease that are distinguished by low and high extremes of virulence.

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