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                                                   This Could Be Better Than A Flu Shot!

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This Could Be Better Than A Flu Shot!

Lawrence Stepanowicz, ND

Sidenote: Hope you're finding this useful? I have always been curious about this matter. And when I found very little quality information about it, I decided to share a part of what I've learned about it - which is why this article came to be written. Read on. Do you get flu shots?

Have they helped you?

The last one I got was in 1970, while in the Army. I had no choice. It made me pretty sick.

My wife's grandmother did worse than that. She died as a result of one back in the early 1960's. So, as a little girl, my wife lost her grandma, who was otherwise healthy, to a flu shot.

It's known that people can die from immunizations... including flu shots. They can also be come paralyzed with Guillain Barre Syndrome from taking vaccines.

Can a vaccine protect you at all?

Even some MD's don't think so.

And can a flu vaccine based on last year's virus combat this year's strain?

At best, developing a flu vaccine is just playing a guessing game. It's like trying to protect against terrorism without much, if any, specific information as to where the attack will come from and what form the attack might take.

So what can you do to keep from getting the flu?

First, implement the Baseline of Health, as described in 'Lessons From The Miracle Doctors.' This will enable your body to deal with a variety of possible problems including the flu. Health is your best defense against illness! Or to paraphrase old TV detective Columbo, if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you!

Next, use herbs like garlic and echinacea which have been shown to support the body's immune function, or use a product like Immunity Plus.

I don't remember the last time I had a cold or the flu. In 1994 I began experimenting with colloidal silver and found that I could knock out a cold the day symptoms began by spraying colloidal silver into each nostril at bedtime and letting it drain through to the back of my throat. I would go to bed with stuffiness and wake up the next day symptom free.

* For more about colds and how they work, see my article 'Your Body Works to Keep You Well!' at:

Since the fall of last year, I've been doing things differently. At the first sign of a cold -- like the sniffles -- I'll take two droppers full of Immunity Plus in a bit of water and followup as necessary. That does the trick. Sometimes I'll use it as a "chaser" with echinacea and garlic capsules. And so far, it's stopped any attack dead in its tracks.

In fact, I've had a bottle of Flu Buster on hand, just in case, but have never had to use it. By keeping my baseline up and by using the Immunity Plus as needed, cold and flu viruses haven't seemed to have a chance.

I like Immunity Plus it in water, though it nicely spices up tomato-based juices like V-8.

If you go to my website... on 'Products' and 'Immunity Plus' you'll be able to hear Jon Barron's 'Listen/Learn' description of read his 'Barron Report' on the product.

And while you're there, why not try a bottle? It might be just what you need to spare you any downtime as cold and flu season draw near.

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