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                                                   Tracking Bird Flu and Migrating Birds with UAVs

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Tracking Bird Flu and Migrating Birds with UAVs

Lance Winslow

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Can we track migrating birds with unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs in order to protect our citizens and civilization from a major outbreak of N5H1 Bird Flu Strand? Sure it is possible in fact in the near future quite probable as our small MAV or micro-air vehicles can fly and flap their wings just like a flock of geese, ducks or swallows. Tracking Bird Flu and Migrating Birds with UAVs is probably a pretty good idea and excellent if not killer application for these new technologies.

Indeed and while we are at it, we can track bird migrations for Bird Flu and West Nile too and then put them on a 4D Holographic ESRI Grid to study them. We can use the same software programming as the Center for Disease and Control CDC uses to estimate the spread of pathogens, flu, diseases, viruses and sicknesses. By integrating this data with the new complex super computers of the NOAA and NASA in studying weather, by tagging some birds and then flying with the flock we can pick out diseased birds and keep the flock healthy and prevent the spreading to poultry birds or local regional bird populations. Thus prevent the spreading from vectors like mosquitoes or if we get a problem from person to person spreading we can prevent scattered outbreaks happening and spreading simultaneously.

The UAV or MAV option for keeping an eye on the bird flu threat could indeed save us from predicated doom of the a Bird Flu pandemic in the United States. Think on it.

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