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                                                   What more can you do to prepare for a flu pandemic?

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What more can you do to prepare for a flu pandemic?

Ken Teshon

If you want to do more than just hope the government will have resources such as a vaccine available in the event of a flu pandemic, what can you do?

Have a strong immune system!

Are there ways to boost your immune system?

What can weaken your immune system?

Stress, Poor Diet, Alcohol, Lack of good sleep, Lack of exercise & Environmental Toxins

Sound familiar?

These are the same ills you doctor has been warning you about that will impact your long term health. They can also leave your immune system weak and vulnerable to a flu pandemic. Interesting, isn't it? In the rest of this article, you'll discover even more insider stuff about the topic - and it is simple and easy to follow.

What lifestyle choices can you make today that will eliminate these threats to your immune system?

You can start by walking 10-15 minutes a day. This will also relieve stress as long as you don't take your Blackberry or cell phone with you! It may also help you sleep. Next, try to ride an exercise bike or elliptical at the gym under guidance from a professional trainer. Don't be afraid to ask for advice, the reward could be your life!

Read books about toxins you are exposed to in daily life and make the changes to your habits that will reduce your exposure. Finally drink alcohol in moderation, and think long term.

One important step you can take to guard yourself against illness is look at ways to boost your immune system through diet. (More information at

Increasing the amount of fresh green leafy vegetables will help keep your white blood cells active fighting off illness. There are other ways of providing your body with the proteins that will produce the enzymes your immune system will use to protect your body.

Having a strong immune system comes with the determination required for a healthy lifestyle. There are no shortcuts. You can start make a difference immediately however, but you must decide today.

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