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                                                   You Home and Bird Flu

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You Home and Bird Flu

Jim Mcdonald

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I have been following the news about the bird flu from various sources on the Internet for about eight or nine months and so far the virus has not maintained efficient human-to-human transmission. I must qualify this statement some by saying: AS FAR AS WE KNOW.

There have been many family clusters in Indonesian, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries. The most recent family cluster reported today 03/21/06 in Azerbaijan. Many countries have not been on the up and up about reporting the extent of people affected by this disease. The Chinese government has virtually stifled all news about bird flu coming from their country. It is known that the virus has been in China for months and maybe running rampant, but we just dont know the whole story or even part of the story coming from China.

India has denied the virus even being present in India even though the anti-bodies are present in tested poultry workers.

It is my thinking that the world heath organization (WHO) is not up to speed on their evaluation of the crisis that the world may be facing. This virus as has been reported has about a 50 percent fatality factor, which is very high. In comparison, the Spanish flu, which killed many people in 1917-1919, had about a 5 percent death rate.

Hopefully a global pandemic will not materialize, but you should prepare as best you can to protect your family to be on the safe side. Prepare for a total breakdown in social and community services and dont depend on someone coming to your aid.

This virus is a great threat and we are virtually defenseless against it. There are no vaccines available on a scale needed to protect your family. You and your family will be on your own. Prepare as best you can by storing extra non-perishable foodstuffs and at least one gallon of clean water per person per day.

Prepare to be quarantined in your home for at least 3 months without benefit of outside contact or services. There are many sites on the Internet that list procedures and preparation suggestions. Now is the time to prepare and dont wait until its too late.

Jim McDonald

Your Home

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