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                                                   Your Body WANTS to fight the flu

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Your Body WANTS to fight the flu

The body's immune system is our first line of defense against attacks from germs, bacteria, and viral agents like the flu. The immune system detects these harmful invaders and begins the process of isolating and destroying them. But the immune system only works if it has the fuel that it needs.

You see, the immune system is called a "system" because it is comprised of various organs and sub systems that work together in harmony. The major parts of the immune system include:



Lymph system

Bone marrow

White blood cells They will help you save hours of frustrating, wasted searching, and let you zero in on the best material on this subject - like this article you're reading. Go on...


Complement system (30 specific proteins which circulate in our blood plasma).


Each part of the immune system depends upon proper nutrition in order to be able to function at peak efficiency. If even one component of the immune system under-performs, the entire system is at risk of failing. A failed immune system leaves the body with no protection from any type of attack. That's why HIV and AIDS are such devastating diseases.

Unfortunately, most people have diets that fail to provide even the minimum nutritional levels that our immune systems requires to do its work. And that's one of the major reasons why this flu season may be the worst one ever. Citizens of developed countries are eating diets that are high in saturated fats and sugars and low in vitamins and minerals. Many citizens of underdeveloped nations are suffering from malnutrition and even starvation. Whether the immune system is affected by too much of the wrong food, or not enough of any food is not what's important right now. What is important is that most people's immune systems are ill prepared to ward off this latest flu menace.

But you don't have to let your immune system fail you when you need it the most. You have options.

You can give your body's immune system exactly what it needs to operate a peak efficiency, and you can do it without having to eat a variety of special foods or ingesting handfuls of vitamins and minerals. All you need to do is Winterize your body by taking just one capsule per day. See it now at

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